Miss Kate Cullen
Kate rated this Landlord 10 out of 10
Excellent location as it is close to shops, hospital, town and university. If we needed anything regarding the house, landlord was great and sorted every the same day. Nice and cosy place to live.
14 September 2020
Hull Road 205
Jack rated this Landlord 10 out of 10
Trevor was a great landlord. Always very friendly and supportive when we needed it. If we had any problems they would be resolved very timely and the prices were very modest for what we got.
16 August 2019
10/10, would recommend Trevor as a landlord
Joe Thompson rated this Landlord 10 out of 10
Trevor was an excellent landlord and a genuinely nice guy. If there was ever a problem that needed to be sorted then it would always be sorted immediately. The house itself was incredibly good value especially with all the bills included.
02 November 2018
Great Landlord
Theo Knowles rated this Landlord 10 out of 10
Trevor has been the best landlord I came across in 4 years in York. He offers a comfortable house at a great price including bills. Any problems were immediately dealt with and I highly recommend renting one of his properties
18 October 2018
Perfect student house
Thanh Hang Pham rated this Landlord 9 out of 10
This is a perfect house for students as it is perfectly located for walking: 5 minutes to Morisons, 10 minutes to campus, 20 minute to city centre. If you drive and have a car, you also have off-road parking which is always great and safe. It is also really nice for a student house: large kitchen area and a conservatory for sitting in or hang your washing, a separate utility room and 2 bathrooms. The bedrooms are nice size, some bigger than other to suit your need. Additionally, Trevor is a wonderful landlord, if there is anything that requires his attention, you will get a reply within an hour every time. There is nothing negative about this house. I lived here in my 3rd year with 5 friends who had lived there since 2nd year, they loved it so much that they signed on for for 3rd year as well. If you’re a large group of friends (6) who want to live comfortably in a quiet and nice area – this house is perfect.
14 February 2018
Seems too good to be true – it’s not!
Hannah Chester rated this Landlord 9 out of 10
When we had left after putting down our deposit for 205 we all felt a bit uneasy, the landlord had been rally friendly, the rent was cheap and the house was exactly what we wanted. We were expecting some secret drawback, but there wasn’t one! At one point our washing machine even broke but Trevor was quick to replace it and when our heating went off it was fixed as soon as there was a time someone was on to open the door!
24 November 2017
205 Hull Road
Charlotte Gandy rated this Landlord 10 out of 10
I stayed in one of Trevor’s properties for the final year of my undergraduate degree. In all aspects, it was a great house providing warmth, safety, fast internet speeds and a handyman on hand for any concerns that we had. Since graduating Trevor has been very willing to provide me with references for future letting agents. Would highly recommend.
07 October 2017
Good Landlord Highly Recommended
Luke rated this Landlord 10 out of 10
Trevor was a superb landlord who went out of his way to ensure that we had the best experience as possible. He always ensured that we had enough furniture and that everything was up to standard. If anything was wrong/broken he would ensure without hesitation that it would be replaced. He took a genuine interest in you as a person and even brought round a few bottle of wine and beer at Christmas! The house was cosy and warm and was always being improved by Trevor throughout our 2 years there. All in all, a very sound and fair landlord!
16 July 2017
Trevor Mansfield
Beth rated this Landlord 9 out of 10
I would definitely recommend Trevor as a landlord. Maintenance requests always get sorted and he is very flexible and reasonable.
16 July 2017
Excellent Landlord and a nice house.
Andrew Harman rated this Landlord 10 out of 10
Trevor is a friendly and cheerful landlord who is quick to act on any issues and very reasonable. I would be very happy to rent through him again.
06 July 2017
Amazing landlord and great house
Hollie rated this Landlord 10 out of 10
I stayed in 181 for 2 years. The house is in great condition and very spacious with everything you need. Trevor is the best landlord we could have asked for; he is really friendly and looks after his tenants. Any issues we had with the house were fixed promptly.
05 July 2017
Excellent landlord!
Lydia Teale rated this Landlord 10 out of 10
Trevor has been an amazing landlord for the past two years! He regularly checked up on us (and always let us know when he was coming via email) and was very quick when something was broken or needed looking at/replacing.
03 July 2017
Sean Fullerton rated this Landlord 10 out of 10
Trevor is an outstanding landlord. There were seldom problems with the house, but if any arose, Trevor acted quickly to fix them. He made regular visits and always proved polite and respectful.
03 July 2017
Trevor is the best landlord!! 181 Hull Road
Dessy rated this Landlord 10 out of 10
I absolutely loved my year in 181 Hull Road! Trevor is very lovely, approachable and friendly. Even when we had some problems he will fix the problem very quickly and came to check if we are all feeling alright as well. The house itself is top-notch! All the rooms were nice size and everything included bills are very reasonably priced as well! Kitchen space and living room is big and cozy and it is well furnished as well! There is even a garden! I loved living here and I will recommend this house to everyone!! Thank you Trevor for being the best landlord I have ever met!
28 June 2017
Helpful, cheerful landlord
Deborah rated this Landlord 8 out of 10
Trevor has always been quick to respond, helpful and wonderfully chatty.
13 July 2016
Laura rated this Landlord 8 out of 10
Trevor has been a really good and fair landlord, he was approachable and easily contacted. He made us feel very welcome by leaving chocolate and wine when we first moved in. The house was in an ideal location for the University of York, it was well equipt even providing a dishwasher. The price of the house was very cheap with bills included. I have enjoyed living in the house for the past two years (218 Tang Hall Lane) and would highly recommend the house and Trevor
02 July 2016
205 Hull Road – Very Good Landlord
Bryden rated this Landlord 9 out of 10
Trevor has been a really good and fair Landlord. He is easy to contact and any problems that came about during the tenancy were quickly resolved. He is very approachable, helpful, and has a genuine interest in his tenants well-being. The house itself is ideal for students and in a prime location for the University of York. I would definitely rent one of his houses again.
23 June 2016
Trevor Mansfield (203 Hull Road)
Rachel rated this Landlord 9 out of 10
Trevor was a great landlord: easily contactable, swift to resolve any issues that arose, fair and transparent in all our dealings with him. He made the house feel like it was our home, even giving us chocolate and wine as a gift at Christmas! The house was well furnished, conveniently situated for both York campuses and good value with the added convenience of bills included. I have enjoyed living here for two years and would highly recommend both the house and Trevor.
22 June 2016
Great landlord great house – 205 Hull road
Ben Gornall rated this Landlord 9 out of 10
Trevor is a great landlord who has always acted upon any of our problems quickly and efficiently. He has a very empathetic approach to being a student landlord, who is genuinely interested in your well being. Trevor’s house (205 Hull Road) is a great house, which has anything you would possibly need (and more) for 6 people: plenty of cupboard space, fridge space and plenty of storage space in rooms. While also being in a prime area for those studying at the University of York, you definitely get value for money in this accommodation.
21 June 2016
205 hull road
Charlotte rated this Landlord 9 out of 10
Trevor has been a very good landlord. Any problems have been sorted promptly. Would recommend.
21 June 2016
Great landord
Lucy rated this Landlord 8 out of 10
Trevor was an incredibly helpful landlord throughout our tenancy, immediately searching for a solution to any problems we found with appliances or around the house. He was very friendly and quick to reply to emails.
29 July 2015
Review for Landlord
Jonathan Neo rated this Landlord 10 out of 10
Trevor is a very responsible landlord who responds quickly to email requests. We get most of our issues sorted out within days, sometimes within hours. Highly recommended.
21 July 2015
Reliable and Relatable
Leena rated this Landlord 10 out of 10
Trevor was a lovely landlord who actually took an interest in us as tenants. I stayed in his house for two years even though the other people changed. He’s sensible and let’s you make the house your own as long as you look after it. He gets the important things fixed fast and the house was my favourite in York, although occasionally he did need a prod for the little things. He brought us wine and chocs at Christmas and other times, and was always available. He made lots of allowances for us when we needed it and I would recommend him and his houses.
05 July 2015
181 Hull Road
Anna Smithson rated this Landlord 8 out of 10
Trevor has been a great landlord, very attentive and responsive to any issues we had over the course of the year, and often popped by himself or sent a handyman to fix anything that went wrong. The house itself is very large and spacious, with plenty of fridge and freezer room for all tenants, and ample storage space.
03 July 2015
Very good landlord, very reasonable rent.
Sam rated this Landlord 9 out of 10
Trevor has been a good landlord; he allowed us to move into the house before our rent even began, and had made sure that any problems we had were fixed very quickly. The cost of the rent is extremely good, especially when you consider that all the bills are included too.
02 July 2015
Woolnough Avenue
Rachel Bates rated this Landlord 10 out of 10
I have lived in this house for 2 years. Over this time Trevor has been a great landlord on hand to get things fixed if the needed it. He responded quickly to all queries. He provided us with extra furniture for the house (within reason) if required. Would definitely rent again for him
30 June 2014
great house
Madeleine Hyde rated this Landlord 10 out of 10
spacious and felt like a home. some furniture needed updating but as soon as we messaged trevor he’d be on it. we were well looked after with own gardener and plumber/electrician/handy man. I will miss living here, so close to uni and for a decent price with bills included
26 June 2014
30 Woolnough
A.P. rated this Landlord 10 out of 10
Excellent location in relation to the university, comfortable and spacious house. Great landlord, responded to all requests very quickly.
12 August 2013
house on hull road, York
Kirsti rated this Landlord 9 out of 10
The house we(5) lived in -for two years- became a home for us. Indeed, it had a cosy atmosphere which we especially appreciated. The kitchen is new and spacious enough so it was also a pleasure to cook. We were really blessed to have mr Mansfield as our landlord. He is very efficient in dealing with queries, he is a reliable person. Besides, hull road is a great location for a student house. It’s near the university, near town, and you feel safe because it’s always well-lit at night.
01 July 2013
Excellent house
Nina rated this Landlord 10 out of 10
Living at Hull Road has been a pleasure. The landlord Trevor is friendly and helpful. The house has had some minor problems every now and then, as all houses have, but Trevor has always sorted them out ASAP. And these problems have never caused any distress. The rent has been reasonable as the house is so close to uni and has bus stops close to to go to town. The neighbourhood is calm and friendly. The house is not a Hilton, but good place for a students to live. I would heartily recommend this place.
26 June 2013
Trevor Mansfield (feedback)
Vicky J rated this Landlord 10 out of 10
Fantastic landlord. So accommodating and would help at the drop of a hat if we needed anything. Trevor really let us make our house our home for two years, and treated us with respect. Nothing was too much trouble for him and he genuinely cared about his tenants’ happiness and comfort. If I could still be living there I would! Great great landlord.
07 May 2013
Trevor Mansfield/Woolnough Avenue
Persephone Hallow rated this Landlord 10 out of 10
I lived in this property for 1 year, the rest of my housemates for 2, and I have to say, it was wonderful. The house is very spacious and warm, the rent is very good, especially as it includes the bills, and the landlord Trevor is lovely – he always fixed anything that was broken, was very courteous and even helped me move some of my stuff when I left! Genuinely the nicest student property I lived in during 5 years as a student in York, and Trevor is an exceptional landlord.
28 November 2012
George Owen rated this Landlord 9 out of 10
Trevor was a very approachable landlord so I didn’t mind calling him up if something needed doing at the house! He sometimes brought a crate of beer to the house too as a thank you for keeping the house in good condition, which we thought was a nice gesture! Overall, a top landlord!
27 November 2012
Sophie McCoy rated this Landlord 10 out of 10
Trevor is a brilliant landlord. He is very accommodating with any problems you may have in the house e.g. Providing another fridge. I wouldn’t hesitate to rent one of his houses again!
04 October 2012
Josh Barker rated this Landlord 10 out of 10
Trevor was a great landlord, whenever we had any problems he sorted them as soon as we told him. I’d even go further to say that before we had even raised any problems with him he would help us with what we needed, for example out of the blue one day he asked us if we wanted a new fridge and brought it round within days. Whilst he didn’t turn up unannounced hardly at all in the two years, when he did he was always understanding about the mess that inevitably happens in a 5 person all male house. He was always friendly with us and easy to talk to throughout the two years. He even brought us round a crate of beers when we moved in and at christmas and other times which made us feel particularly welcome in his house. He always kept us informed as to anything that was happening with the house by email, and even mowed the lawn for us a few times. We’ve had bad landlords before but overall we couldn’t have asked for a better landlord than Trevor
08 July 2011
Excellent Landlord
Stephen Watson rated this Landlord 10 out of 10
After living as a tenant in one of Trevor’s houses for the last year I can highly recommend him. He caused us no hastle at all, despite the fact we kept the house in a very messy state (even by student standards) for the year. He quickly sorted out any problems we had in the house. He was happy to sort us out with an extra fridge-freezer unit when we asked for one. He returned to us our full desposit, 1 day after the tenancy ended. An exceptionally friendly, honest and helpful person. You will not find a better landlord!
08 July 2011
Great Landlord!
Yani Berdeni rated this Landlord 10 out of 10
Sorted out any issues efficiently, and was always friendly and approachable.
04 July 2011
Trevor Mansfield recommendation
Jonny Ellsmore rated this Landlord 10 out of 10
Trevor Mansfield is a fantastic landlord, I would recommend him to anyone!
04 July 2011
landlord is awesome
marc hickling rated this Landlord 10 out of 10
Trevor is the best landlord you could hope for. The only thing he doesn’t do is give us free rent. We have had no problems. On arrival in the we got given wine, Christmas beer and celebrations, full deposit back and everything we’ve asked for we’ve got done, he’s friendly and a great landlord, the rent is competative (actually cheaper) and he froze the price of rent until we left: couldnt rate him high enough. Marc
18 August 2010
Excellent landlord
Dave Simmonds rated this Landlord 10 out of 10
Excellent landlord. Sorted out any problems we had quickly. Bought us wine at christmas and fully refunded deposit with no problems, great landlord for students.
29 December 2009
Trevor Mansfield top landlord
Katie Bell rated this Landlord 10 out of 10
Trevor was a fantastic landlord! The house was brill and whenever we had any problems he sorted them for us. We even had the use of Michael an Electrician.
29 December 2009
Jade Williamson rated this Landlord 10 out of 10
A very good landlord. Trevor took good care of the house while I was living there and was always easy to contact and quick to respond. A really reasonable landlord and a nice guy. We had a very happy year in our house!
25 July 2008
An excellent landlord.
Elizabeth Woolford rated this Landlord 9 out of 10
Trevor was an excellent landlord, who went above and beyond a formal tenant-landlord relationship. He was prompt at getting in contact if we had any problems, helped us move in AND out of the house during his own time, and allowed us as tenant to enjoy his house with freedom. He was also lovely to chat to, and was a pleasant face to welcome in for a cup of tea.
23 July 2008
Nicholas Stone rated this Landlord 9 out of 10
I have lived in one of Trevor’s houses for close more than 3 years. I have found Trevor to be an exceptionally reasonable landlord who is also an interesting person to chat with. We have not had to ask him to make any repairs etc as the house is in a good condition. I would say a good landlord.
10 July 2008
Very good landlord
Rebecca Ashworth rated this Landlord 9 out of 10
Trevor is a very good landlord. Is easily contactable via email and telephone. Pops in occassionally to check everything is going well, and always gives advance notice. Was very accomadating when we had a few issues at the beginning of the term. Had no problems with him.
10 July 2008
Good Landlord
Szilvia Molnar rated this Landlord 10 out of 10
I live in one of his houses in Buckingham. Hardly ever visit you but his visits are very pleasant. He is a nice person and easy to get on with. He cares about his tenants. Calls up time by time to ask if everyhting was all right. He is interested in you. what you are doing and what are your plans in future. He might help you with good advices too. I can recommend him to anyone without doubt.
10 July 2008
Good landlord
Matt rated this Landlord 10 out of 10
Easy to contact and will arrange to fix things to suit your timetable. Approachable and shows an interest in what you’re doing at uni. A very good landlord to have.
10 July 2008